How To configure NFS

1.¬†Introduction The Network File System is certainly one of the most widely used network services. Network file system (NFS) is based on the Remote procedure call. It allows the client … Continue Reading →

Automatically Disable Touchpad When Mouse Is Connected [Ubuntu]

To Disable Touch pad when you use external mouse, use below command which will help you to disable the mouse when you insert external mouse and enables automatically when you … Continue Reading →

If you are not able send and receive mails for domain from domains?

You need to contact these url’s below to white list you domain on there security policy…

Cron Jobs Time Format

The time and date fields are as follows: * (First star means Minutes to run the job) * (Second star means Hours to run the job) * (Third star means … Continue Reading →

How to Search TEXT in files

#grep -r “text name” * (if you give star it will search on all files located on system) OR #grep -r “text name” /root/file. (Path of file in which the … Continue Reading →