Install Redis On Centos

Install Redis on CentOS 6.4 MAY 27 We’re provisioning production machines today! This means that I’m finding a lot of things that I did previously to make my life easier. … Continue Reading →

Sendmail with attachment from Shell Script

Create a .sh file and add below code cd /var/log/httpd/ tar -zcvf error_log.tar.gz error_log echo “Message in Mail Body” | mutt -a “/var/log/httpd/error_log.tar.gz” -s “Error Logs Subject Line” — … Continue Reading →

ARP Watch

How to: Detect ARP Spoofing with “arpwatch” under Linux Posted by tournasdimitrios1 in Linux admin tools. trackback My previous article outlined the  ARP protocol , so I assume that you already know the … Continue Reading →