Create VLan on centos 7

CONFIGURE 802.1Q VLAN TAGGING USING THE COMMAND LINE In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, the 8021q module is loaded by default. If necessary, you can make sure that the module is loaded by issuing the … Continue Reading →

18 commands to monitor network bandwidth on Linux server

Network monitoring on Linux This post mentions some linux command line tools that can be used to monitor the network usage. These tools monitor the traffic flowing through network interfaces … Continue Reading →

How to check TCP/IP packet in Linux

Question: – How to check TCP/IP packet in Linux? Answer:-  tcpdump -ieth1 host “Ip address”

How to mount windows drive on Linux system

Question:- How to mount windows drive on Linux system Answer:- service ntfs start mount –t smbfs –o username=username,password=password  //mount point of network    /mount point (in which folder you want to … Continue Reading →

Ethtool Command to Increase/ Decrease speed of Network card in Linux

1. List Ethernet Device Properties When you execute ethtool command with a device name, it displays the following information about the ethernet device. # ethtool eth0 Settings for eth0: Supported … Continue Reading →