Installer NxFilter en CentOs 6

un software de filtrado de DNS gratuito, que se puede utilizar para filtrar y monitorear la actividad web de una red. también es capaz de detectar y bloquear malware y … Continue Reading →


In previous posts, I was talking about how to set up MySQL replication, Classic Replication (based on binary logs information) and Transaction-based Replication (based on GTID). In this article I’ll summarize how to troubleshoot … Continue Reading →

Move or migrate user accounts from old Linux server to a new Linux server

ow do I Move or migrate user accounts to from old Linux server a new Cent OS Linux server including mails? This new system a fresh installation. You can migrate … Continue Reading →

PHP-SSH2 with php7

Install PHP-SSH2 with PHP7 As we cannot do pecl install ssh2 for php7 version because its not available beyond php6 Downlaod the LIb-ssh2 and PHP-SSH2 PHP-SSH2 (from here) LibSSH … Continue Reading →

How to Install RdKafka with PHP

Step 1: Download Libary of RdKafka from below link then un-tar it cd linrdkafka-0.11.0 execute the commands step 2: ./configure –prefix/usr/ Step 3: make Step 4: make install Step … Continue Reading →