PHP-SSH2 with php7

Install PHP-SSH2 with PHP7 As we cannot do pecl install ssh2 for php7 version because its not available beyond php6 Downlaod the LIb-ssh2 and PHP-SSH2 PHP-SSH2 (from here) LibSSH … Continue Reading →

How to Install RdKafka with PHP

Step 1: Download Libary of RdKafka from below link then un-tar it cd linrdkafka-0.11.0 execute the commands step 2: ./configure –prefix/usr/ Step 3: make Step 4: make install Step … Continue Reading →

How To Back Up, Restore, and Migrate PostgreSQL Databases with Barman on CentOS 7

Introduction PostgreSQL is an open-source database platform quite popular with web and mobile application developers for its ease of maintenance, cost effectiveness, and simple integration with other open-source technologies. One critical … Continue Reading →

Install and Configure Redis on CentOS 7

Redis is an open-source, in-memory, data structure store with optional disk writes for persistence. It can be used as a key-value database, or as a cache and message broker. Redis … Continue Reading →

Increase “Open Files Limit”

Increase “Open Files Limit” If you are getting error “Too many open files (24)” then your application/command/script is hitting max open file limit allowed by linux. You need to increase … Continue Reading →